Dear guests,
Our food and drinks may be subject to daily price adjustments.

Thank you for your understanding.

Vegetarian Dishes

Swabian cheese noodles with salad 15,80€

Allergens: 4,8

Home-made bread dumpling with herbs,
served with fresh mushrooms 14,80€

Allergens: 4,8,11

Delicious Tagliatelle with fresh vegetables,
Parmesan cheese and herbs 15,80€

Allergens: 4,8,11

Home-made pie of Savoy cabbage
served with boiled potatoes 13,80€

Allergens: 4,7,8

Potato fritters
with apple sauce 9,80€

Allergens: 2,3,8,11

Pulled pancake
served with plum sauce
(please allow up to 30 minutes for preparation) 13,70€

Allergens: 2,3,8,11

Baked potato with grilled vegetables
and Sour cream 15,20€

Allergens: 4,7,8

Vegan / gluten-free / lactose-free

Baked potato with roasted vegetables and dip 14,20 €

For extra bread and/or buns we charge €1.00 each.

For extra pretzels we charge €1.50 each.

For special wishes we also charge €1.00 per dish.